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Volvo Steering Wheel Emblem

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Airbag Emblem V70 Xc70 S80 Xc60
Airbag Emblem S80 S60 V40 V60 Xc60 Xc70
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Volvo Emblem For Steering Wheel Airbag Emblem

The Volvo Emblem is an unique Emblem that is attached to the steering wheel of some cars, it represents the difference between magic and science. The Emblem consists of a statue-like Emblem of a horse and a circle with the word "eco-friendly" written on it, this Emblem is manufactured of 100% recycled materials and is produced to last. This is a Volvo steering wheel emblem, it improvements with an 35 mm. The Emblem imparts a s80 xc60 xc90 logo on the front and an airbag Emblem on the back, it presents the word "xc70" on the front and "s80" on the back. The Volvo steering wheel Emblem is a first-rate addition to your car, it stickers and offers an 35 x8 mm metal sticker logo. It is additionally metal and grants a stickers with a logo, lastly, the Emblem extends an 35 x8 mm badge with a logo. This high-quality Volvo steering wheel Emblem is designed with an improved 35 mm x 9 mm volume ratio and Emblem s60 xc90 s40 s80 alloy wheels, it is a sterling alternative to show your badge of distinction from your s60 xc90 s40 s80 car. The Emblem is covered in high-quality chrome, and the is finished with a durable coat of metal.