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Leather Steering Wheel Cover

The leather steering wheel cover is a great way to protect your car from dirt, sweat and other debris. It also provides an extra layer of protection from the sun and rain. The cover is made of genuine leather and has a dual-purpose use. It can be used as an anti-slip surface for the wheel and as a general-purpose door handle.

Leather Steering Wheel Covers

The leather steering wheel covers are a great way to protect your car from damage and keep it looking good. This type of cover is made out of 100% hardorn black leather and comes with a digital navigation system and a dover traffic map. some of the features of the leather steering wheel cover is that it will protect your car from dirt, dust and rain. It also has a zippered interior for storage and a comfortable fit. so if you are looking for a great way to keep your car looking good, the leather steering wheel cover is a great option!

Car Steering Wheel Cover

This is a car accessories steering wheel cover that is black leather and has a 1538cm universal. It is made to cover the steering wheel with its ability to have a anti-slip system. looking for a quality steering wheel cover? look no further than 15 wood grain car steering wheel cover pu leather universal fit size m. This cover features a 15 wood grain pattern and is made of durable leather. Best of all, it comes in multiple sizes so that you can find one that fits your vehicle perfectly. the perfect addition to any car, these covers are made from 15% leather and are anti-slip and have a car seat cover type of design. They are also perfect for when you need to keep your wheel from moving around when driving. our leather steering wheel cover is made to be very stable and protect your wheel. It is made out of durable materials that will never lose its shape and is made to be anti-slip fit. It is also made to be easy to clean and is ready for use with a anti-slip fit.