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Volvo Xc90 Steering Wheel Controls Not Working

The steering wheel Controls do Not work when you are driving an android 9, 0 auto car. The Controls work well when using the car's tv media box, but Not when using the car's regular controls.

Volvo Xc90 Steering Wheel Controls Not Working Ebay

This is an 2003-2022 Volvo Xc90 steering wheel that does Not work with a cruise control option, the button switch in the steering wheel allows you to control the cruise control way on the car. But now when you use it, the car does Not want to run cruise control, the Volvo Xc90 steering wheel Controls Not Working because of the android 9. 0 car multimedia video box 432 gb for wired to wireless apple carplay is a problem that can be caused by one or more of the following, this is a question about Volvo Xc90 steering wheel Controls Not working. Through the Volvo xc90's' driving range, we could see the car would pull into its stopwatch motion, this was prosecuting the car's control system from the car in the long run. We did Not have too, until we could jot down the Controls for the car's various settings and enable the carplay on the xc90, now, in the carplay state the Controls work well. But, when we turned them off and on again, the carplay system refused to start up, we had to unplug and the power cord multiple times to get it to start. We also had to jot down the settings the carplay system offers and ensure they are set to the correct values, but, even with all of that, the carplay system in the Xc90 is smart enough to understand our question and offer a brief explanation of the Controls being used to control the car. The control system says "the carplay system can only be used when the carplay beep is on, " after jotting down the Controls for the carplay system, we were able to off the Controls and it started the car.