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Wireless Steering Wheel Controls

This wireless steering wheel controls for your car's steering wheel are perfect for an easy and efficient travelling experience. With this particular control you can control your car's all-in-one design with ease.

Universal Steering Wheel Remote

The universal steering wheel remote is one of the best features of the car. It easy to use and you can use it with any car. It can be used on different cars, including those that do not have a universal steering wheel. The remote is also easy to charge.

Wireless Steering Wheel Remote

This is a wireless steering wheel remote control for a gps stereo radio. The remote can be used to control the car's steering, and move seats around. It includes a button to turn on the car's climate control, and a switch to turn the car's heated seats on or off. The remote is also capable of controlling many functions using your steering-wheel. Org connected phone. the wireless steering wheel controls allow you to control various functions of your car using your wireless bluetooth speaker. This makes it perfect for keeping your kids in while you work on a drive. the wireless steering wheel controller is designed to allow you to control your car's steering and motion by using a backlighted buttons device located on the front of the steering wheel. This device can on/off/mute your car's audio and have it play a sound if you so choose. The controller also has a few other features available, such asa temperature control and a power on/off switch. this wheel is a cubes formula wheel that has been used once and for once. It is in great condition with no flaws. The wheel is with all its components like the wireless paddles. It is a great choice for a new bike or for using the wheel on a footy match.