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Trans Am Steering Wheel

The Trans Am steering wheel is a new formula for driving, it features a silver spoke design that is guard symbol and a new symbol. The design is guard and is inspired by the Trans Am racing cars, this steering wheel is for the Trans Am series of cars and is fabricated from high quality metals. It is a best-in-class addition to each car.

Trans Am Steering Wheel Ebay

The Trans Am steering wheel is a top-rated substitute for a car that is searching for a modern look and feel, it is produced of leather and gives a variety of features and gadgets included. You can choose to have a variety of different symbols and patterns worked into the wheel, or you can go with a simple design and simple symbols, the wheel is additionally leather and plastic so it is durable and long lasting. This Trans Am steering wheel is an 1970-81 model and is black spoked, it grants a bare wheel warranty. The Trans Am steering wheel is available in black or white, this is a fantastic 1970-81 formula Trans Am steering wheel that is leather and gives black gold spoons. It is sewn together in the and grants an understand call number, this wheel is original and number is 84. It is sporting a black handle and is good digging tool, the wheel is in good condition and is a sensational addition to Trans Am collection. It features a black grip, and black spoked wheels, the wheel is associated with the Trans Am series of cars. The car is capable of withstanding power and speed, as well as being a track-friendly car.