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Semi Truck Steering Wheel Covers

Looking for a quality semi truck steering wheel cover? look no further than big dog mods. We have the perfect cover for your truck, perfect for 17. 5-18 inch big rig trucks. Our cover is made from durable and sturdy materials, making it a sure way to protect your steering wheel and your truck.

175 Inch Steering Wheel Cover

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18 Inch Truck Steering Wheel Covers

Looking for a great choice for your new motor trend truck? look no further than peterbilt freightliner semi truck. These covers are 18 inch wide and cover the drive axle with its frame and axle. They keep your truck's drive axle from turning on the road, so you can focus on your work and not on the physical layer of the truck that's made from durable materials. this semi full size van has a 16. 5-inch wide by 18. 5-inch long truck wheelbase. It has a ground wordless storage area and a large area for front and back storage. The cover is attached to the front and back of the coverless truck wheelbase with silicone screws. It has a semi- full size matchy-multiple fuel economy. the motor trend 18" steering wheel cover is perfect for a variety of vehicles. It provides a weatherproof finish and is made of durable materials. The cover also comes with a dust cap, which makes it easy to clean. this peterbilt semi truck has a black diamond cushion steering wheel cover. The cover is made to protect the inside of the wheel from damage and also to protect the cover from the elements. The cover is available in two sizes, large and small.