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Pedal Car Steering Wheel

Introducing the new pedals car steering wheel! This wheel is all you need to feel like a celebrity when driving a pedal car. It has a stylish take on chromed steering wheel that's perfect for your car. Plus, we've made it easy to select your style with a few simple clicks. So say goodbye to traditional steering wheel movement and hello to something else just like you.



By Unbranded


Murray® 3 Spoke Pedal Car Steering Wheel, White

Pedal Car Steering Wheel Walmart

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Cheap Pedal Car Steering Wheel

This new pedal car steering wheel is the perfect replacement for your other amfs steering wheel. It is made of hard-shell skin and has a comfortable design. It is perfect for use on your other amfs as well. This new steering wheel is sure to please anyone who uses hermaphrodite cars! this new steering wheel for a pedal car is amazing! It pulls off the road feeling perfect and makes it easy to drive in the streets. The design is innovative and perfect for a car this size. We love it here at street in we would highly recommend this option! the club pedal to steering wheel lock is an anti-theft device that fits most cars. This device prevents someone from stealing your car by locking into the wheel. this pedal car steering wheel is a new replacement for our other cars. It is a great addition for your other cars and it fits other types as well. This wheel is made from durable materials and it will keep your other cars running smoothly.