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Bass Tracker Steering Wheel

The Bass Tracker steering wheel is an unequaled alternative to join the app and experience Bass with your music, this hands-free equipment is sensational for car enthusiasts who desire to radio in and enjoy their music without having to carry any equipment. The dual usb 3, 0 blasphemy and the aux in to provide audio and video is valuable for adding extra audio and video features to your car. The kit comes with a tf card, car key chain, and steering wheel.

Cheap Bass Tracker Steering Wheel

The hands-free function on a Bass Tracker makes it basic to control your music without ever having to take your hands off the wheel, the drive unit offers a dual usb3. 0 connection so you can easily transfer music between your computer and the truck, or even between your truck and your speaker, the kit includes a dual stereo d-ocking unit and a dual u disk aux in. This is a hands-free radio stereo mp3 player steering wheel that allows your car's bluetooth audio system to control your music from your car, this is a fantastic surrogate to keep your music on hand supposing that traveling without a code to turn it off. The Bass Tracker steering wheel is an exceptional surrogate to enjoy your music while on the go, this bluetooth music player grants both an usb fast charge and card of its own, so you dc you can easily transfer music over to your phone or computer with thiszar-1 car bluetooth hands-free mp3 player. You'll appreciate the easy-to-use controls and the alternative this car bluetooth music player makes music work for you, this Bass Tracker steering wheel is a sterling surrogate to enjoy your Bass music while on the go. With its single din car stereo receiver and multimedia player, you can easily hear and play your favorite Bass music.