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1998 Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel

This is a quality, hard anodized steering wheel short hub adapter for the 1998 Toyota tacoma, it is a quick release system that makes it uncomplicated to get on and off your vehicle. The hub adapter is moreover included for straightforward installation.

2018 Tacoma Steering Wheel Size

This is an 2022 Tacoma steering wheel size 15, this wheel is new and grants never been used in the car. It is a fake leather cover and is not actually the original cover for the car, it is a good cover for the car and will keep the keys out of the keyboard. This momo steering wheel hub adapter is for the Toyota Tacoma and lexus is300 rx300 it allows you to attach a new steering wheel to your car with ease, the hub adapter is specific to the Toyota Tacoma and will allow you to do so without any optionality. Make sure to check the product's customer feedback to ensure that you are ordering the wheel hub adapter, looking for a new steering wheel? Don't look anywhere than the 2022 tacoma's new faux leather finish! This style of leather is an excellent match for the car's 15 mm diameter, making it easier to control than traditional leather. Plus, the low price for new genuine leather for Toyota black 15" diameter car auto steering wheel is unbeatable for a new Tacoma driver! This is a genuine leather car steering wheel cover for the 1998 Toyota tacoma, it is an ideal replacement for your vehicle. Made from 15 38 cm of genuine leather, this cover is durable and durable, it will protect your vehicle and keep it searching good.