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1966 Mustang Steering Wheel

This 1966-1969 mustang steering wheel is made of wood and has 12 chrome spoked wheels. It is a great addition to any mustang!

66 Mustang Steering Wheel

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1966 Ford Mustang Steering Wheel

Our 1965 - 1969 mustang wood steering wheel is 15 high gloss finish mahogany with rivets. This wood steering wheel is perfect for a modern style car. This 1966 mustang steering wheel is a 5-bolt light weightdrag racing performance steering wheel. It is 13. 5 super max light weight and made of lightweight materials. It is easy to control and has a comfortable design. this is a 1966 mustang steering wheel assembly that is in mahogany with white with yellow digital numerals and a pony 15 classic logo. The wheel is connected to the mustang's hub by a 10-gallon hat rack. The assembly is also covered in deep red repousse and there are five white gold rivets along the top of the wheel. The wheel is complete and signed by the owner. this is a 1966-69 mustang wood steering wheel that has a high gloss finish. The cap is rivets that hold the steering wheel in place. Theanuts are 15" long and are finished with a high gloss finish. The wheel is thendriven through the wheel's spincap and onto the wheel.