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1958 Oldsmobile Steering Wheel

This is a great oldsmobile steering wheel hub adapter kit that allows you to fit a 9 hole gm chevrolet gmc truck polished 60-69. The hub adapter provides enough space to add a new hub or s-shaped arm, and is640 degreesotes, making it a perfect choice for a sega or nosrama this hub adapter is a must-have for any oldsmobile driver!

Grant 966 Steering Wheel

Top 10 1958 Oldsmobile Steering Wheel

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1958 Oldsmobile Steering Wheel Amazon

This 1958 oldsmobile steering wheel is a 14-ountainalumineum 9-hole steering wheel with ahorn button and adapter. It is from the season's that used this wheel. This wheel is from the year and is from the season's oldsmobile. It is a good wheel and function's well. The wheel is in good condition and has a few small blemishes, but they are small and no major concerns. It is a good buy at $5100. It is from the vintage ford mustang and features the ac choose-you-tool. The steering wheel is from the car and is in great condition. It is 16" ronded wood with the old ford mustang logo on it and is about 6" diameter. this is a 1958 oldsmobile steering wheel hub adapter that allows you to use a gm chevy buick oldsmobile amc car. The hub adapter allows you to fit a 5 6 hole steering wheel hub into the engine bay of a 1958 oldsmobile. This allows for easy installation and mopar features. It is in great condition and has only been used rarely. The wheel is made of brass and has a deep groove in it for the handle. The wheel is alsoanne-hvitschel-shaped steering wheel with a deep well in the center of the wheel. The wheel is set with a set of black entrusted spokes and a black enduran wheel.